Women in
Higher Education Leadership

Bridging the gap in participation of women in Senior Management positions in the Higher Education.


British Council - Gender Equality Partnership Programme.

About the Project

This project highlights the underrepresentation of women in the Higher Education Leadership.

It explores opportunities to create awareness of the need to increase the percentage of women in Senior Management positions in the Nigerian Higher Education system focusing on Equity, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EEDI). Inequality, inequity, disadvantage, lack of diversity, and exclusion have been highlighted as major socio-economic indicators preventing development progress in many developing economies. EEDI examines how to eliminate discrimination related to gender, age, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background.

Project Goals

This project focuses on achieving the following objectives

Increase awareness of EEDI by highlighting the “underrepresentation of women” in senior leadership positions and recognizing the value of women in the higher education system.

Create collaborative learning and resources that will advance leadership competencies, management skills, employability skills and confidence of women to take up leadership positions in future.

Explore opportunities to review and revisit policies connected with recruitment, promotion, and appointments at all levels of the Nigerian Higher Education system.

Provide opportunities for scholars and institutions to exchange ideas about policies, practices, and implementation of EEDI strategy and share good practices.

Co-create partnership for the establishment or strengthening of EEDI and Gender studies centres/programmes among partnering institutions.

Official Participating Institutions

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Send expression of interest to become institutional member of the “Women in Higher Education Leadership” (WIHEL) and participate on the yearly “Conference on Leadership and Gender”; “Collaborative Online Leadership Engagement” (COLE); and “Entrepreneurship Leadership and Community of Practice” (ELCP).


International Conference

International Conference on Leadership and Gender (Equity, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity research, policies, and practices) –
VENUE: Baze University, FCT, Abuja,
DATE: 9th – 12th October 2023

Collaborative Online Leadership Engagement (COLE)

Leading to the award of:
Certificate in Responsible Leadership Principles and Practices

Entrepreneurship Leadership and Community of Practice (ELCP)

A survey of impact of Transformational Leadership

You are invited to take part in this survey that explore fundamentals of transformational and responsible leadership. Transformational leadership foster positive change in the work environment through inspiring and motivating team members to engage in innovation, fostering positive group morale, increasing job satisfaction, wellbeing, and employee retention. We are seeking for participants for this study. To complete the Survey:

University of Lincoln

Project Leads and Consultants

Dr Paul Igwe

Project Lead – Women in Higher Education Leadership.

Dr Hilary Duckett

Associate Professor in Leadership – Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, UK.

Dr Hanya Pielichaty

Associate Professor, Director of Student Inclusion at Eleanor Glanville Institute, University of Lincoln.

Prof. Eunice Seekoe

Deputy Chair of National Entrepreneurial Development in Higher Education (EDHE)

Magda Read

Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Management, Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln.

Sybille Schiffmann

Director of Deostara Limited, Leadership Consultancy.

Dr Herbert Mapfaira

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Business Studies at the Department of Management, Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln.

Abiola Akinsola-Obatolu

PhD Researcher and Associate Lecturer at the University of Lincoln, UK.

Miss Rebecca Emeordi

PhD researcher in the Department of Management at Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln.

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